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Welcome to Faith 'N Hoops, Not your typical Blog.

Parrish Purnell Jr

The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus. That's the core of who I am. I didn't really become a "writer" until college, majoring in journalism after a failed business management major attempt. It was in my classes that I developed a passion for feature stories. That's honestly where this blog comes into play. I combined my three passions, faith, basketball, and fashion into one and came up with Faith 'N Hoops. It's a space where I get to tell peoples stories from my perspective while sharing a thing or two about what I enjoy doing and wearing.

I am an athlete and have enjoyed success playing basketball at just about every level. As my professional playing days inevitably come to an end, I couldn't have thought of a better time to pick up my pen. I hope you enjoy. 


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