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What is your why?

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I woke up this morning pondering the power of purpose and influence. Have you ever been in a place of life where you think, "this is what I was created to do?" I've been in this space ever since I started consistently writing again. Things have just been falling into place as I've quit making excuses for not pursuing my passion with expectancy in my heart.

If you'd asked me a year ago, I would've told you my purpose was to play basketball.

I laugh at that idea now. Last year I wrote a blog piece called, "For Love of the Game," in which I spoke about not really wanting to hoop anymore and how I was shifting my focus away from playing professionally. What's funny about that is a few days after I posted the story, I received a call from a contact in Europe with an offer to potentially play for two different countries.

I was flabbergasted and also confused. I mulled over the idea that I could be playing ball again in one of my favorite countries. It was a much better thought than an actual plan. The contract options were less than what I make at my job as a Communications Specialist here in Cleveland, so I turned it down and decided to play a second semi-pro year in the ABA.

As my season has come to an end I've become increasingly comfortable with the idea of retirement. I'm legitimately no longer pursuing professional basketball. I PROMISE LOL.

And this isn't about me and my sports career endeavors.

What this is about is understanding purpose. I can say with conviction, I believe my ability to write will touch way more lives than I ever could while dribbling a ball. I'm ultra-competitive and when it comes to hooping I NEVER want to lose. With that competitiveness came a different side of me that didn't always represent Christ well. I won't go into detail, but after certain highly emotional and intense games, my wife would often ask me, "do you think how you acted out there was a good depiction of who you are and who you live for?"


It always stung when she asked that. But, in answering that question for myself, I knew she was right. The answer was no. I think in those moments I lost perspective of the greater goal. I believe God created us to be light to others. The world is so dark. The Light of the world is needed. How could I proclaim the Gospel and then cuss someone out for fouling me too aggressively? It didn't add up. My positive influence was constantly taking a hit.

For me, that's where writing comes into play. This gift of storytelling is God-given and God-inspired. As I've been intentional about what I write and how I write it, I've felt like I'm actually living out my purpose. I'm able to reach a multitude of different people across the internet. Most of them I'll never meet but that's the power of living out your true calling. When I write a blog, even if one person reads it, I know it touched the person God needed it to. That's a joyful feeling I want everyone person to share. Your gift isn't meant to only provide self-gain, it's meant to influence the world.

So I ask you. What is it that God has gifted you with, for you to gift back to the world?

I would love to dialogue about it. Feel free to share in the comments!

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