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Oh, That’s a Plug Plug

Church is boring.

Does that sentiment ring true with you? I’ve felt it before. When I was a kid the only things I enjoyed about going to Sunday services were the mints my mom or grandmother carried in their purses and the opportunity to lay across someone’s lap for a nap. When I became a teenager I became more active, playing drums for the choir and serving as a youth leader alongside some of my childhood friends.

Many of the memories I have at the various churches I’ve attended in my life involve the people. I think that’s the way God created it to be, the reason God built the church.

When I moved to Cleveland I really struggled to find the right place to worship. I had just spent six of the most transformative years of my life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the place where I’d become a man, maturing mentally, physically and spiritually. I attended a slew of churches during my time there: Victory, Life Church, Transformation Church, Father’s House, Church on the Move, and GUTS.

If you’ve never been to T-town, it’s smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, so there’s basically a church on every corner. All of them had a community of people I needed in order to grow—it was hard leaving that behind.

My in-laws are pastors of a small church on Cleveland's Eastside, so naturally my wife and I attended there when we were first married, staying there for about two years, serving in multiple capacities. But we realized we were going to church once a week and that was it. As a young married couple, we had few married couples that were our age that we could build community with, which I think is vital for success.

We were in dire need of the community.

After prayerfully considering it, we began a search and after five months, we finally found our family, officially joining KINGS CHURCH.

This place has become home to us rather quickly. We are surrounded by people our age who love Jesus and love others. We’ve joined a small group full of young couples and have friends that I believe will last a lifetime.

Here’s what I want you to take away from my story:

Church isn’t about going to a building. The “church” is you and me. We are the body of Christ. Maybe you already know this, but it’s good to be reminded that meeting at a building is just a means to facilitate the church. God created us to commune with others. We need people to thrive and understand life.

I can’t tell you how meaningful it’s been to us to have friends we can talk to about all the different things life throws at us.

Yes, it’s vital to find a church that preaches the transforming Word of God. When you find that place, don’t just attend and leave. Get involved. Find a group of people who will challenge you and hold you accountable. People who will worship with you, serve alongside you, pray for and with you and be there for every stage of life.

Find your community and get plugged in. Your life just might depend on it.

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