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If you’ve ever competed in sports you understand the difficulty of celebrating individual accolades when the team goal isn’t accomplished. Bradley Beal is having a career year, with very little from his Wizard teammates.

In his 7th NBA season, Beal is making a strong case for Most Valuable Player on one of the league's worst teams. Per ESPN, he’s averaging 30ppg, 6apg, and 4rpg, and shows no signs of slowing down. Despite his elite scoring ability his team boasts a 21-39 record, sitting comfortably at 9th in the Eastern Conference. The reeling Wizards have struggled for the last few seasons to stay healthy—with the exception of Beal who appeared in all 82 games in each of the last two seasons. Their star point guard, John Wall, hasn’t touched the floor since last season due to a torn achilles and there’s no real depth to teams bench. They seem to be in another “rebuilding season.”

Will this Wizards team ever be a contender again?

I have no definitive answer.

But, probably won’t be if they don’t get Beal some help. Beal’s efforts have been beyond remarkable, specifically in the month of February. He scored 50+ point in back-to-back games and averaged 36.2ppg while shooting 47 percent from the field for the entire month.


This is the same guy that wasn’t named an All-Star this season, which was complete trash if you ask me. I understand not voting him in because of the teams record, but cmon—Kyle Lowry got the all-star bid…

In my opinion, I think the Lakers should’ve done a better job pursuing Beal this past summer when creating the super-duo that is LeBron and AD. Can you imagine Beal spreading the floor with the best passing forward basketball has ever seen?

I can.

Maybe that would’ve washed down Beal’s superstar gameplay, but when you’re in pursuit of a championship, sometimes you have to sacrifice.

I don’t have much else to say on the topic but I want to know what my subscribers think:

  1. Should Beal request a trade and join a contender?

  2. Should he wait for Wall to get healthy again and rebuild next year?

  3. How many rebuild years are too many?

  4. Where would Beal thrive the most?

  5. Should he have been an All-Star this season?

  6. Should a player’s team record matter when it comes to being an All-Star?

  7. Is Beal a top 10 player?

  8. Should he be an All-NBA team selection this year?

  9. Will Beal ever win a ring?

  10. Is Beal a franchise player or just an elite player?

Let’s talk about it!

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