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Daily 🍞: The Power of Prayer

We’re 6 months into 2020 and it’s already been the longest year of my life. It seems as though turmoil is around every corner. We’re fighting against COVID-19, we’re STILL battling racism at alarmingly high rates in America and across the globe, people are out looting and destroying department stores and restaurants, the unemployment rate is higher than ever--it’s just been a lot to digest.

In full transparency, it’s been hard to pray and spend quality time with God. I know we’re fighting spiritual battles and principalities, but the physical and natural aspects of these waged wars seem far more intense at times. In my unrelenting focus on social media and news, I’d lost sight of where my help comes from.

I think it’s real to admit walking out this Christian lifestyle can be difficult when your focus is out of wack. With so many distractions and pulls from different directions, the faith walk can seem like a roller coaster ride. It’s been that way for me. I’ll experience a kind of spiritual Utopia with God for a season, get comfortable which turns to an apathetic approach and before I know it, I haven’t spent real intimate time with God in days; sometimes weeks.

Since the death of George Floyd, I’ve just been perplexed with a revolving mixture of anger, sadness, and feelings of hopelessness. It seems like the world is at war with itself. I felt heavy, shoulders weak from carrying the burden of my people.

But, GOD.

This morning I participated in a weekly prayer zoom meeting for men. My brother Trey Lewis has been an incredible instrument used by the Lord to promote change in our communities, starting with prayer.

Prayer calls can seem mundane and repetitive, but this morning was different. We read scripture upon scripture about God’s love and promises for our life on earth, but most importantly, our life after death. The real reward is entering the gates of Heaven. As we dove headfirst in the Word, I began to feel the burdens rise off me. Then I prayed and with each word I uttered, I felt the Holy Spirit moving in me.

God spoke:

“I’m still in control. I’m still here. I’m still on the throne. New mercies every morning. Vengeance is mine. I am God. In Me you’ll find hope, joy, love, peace. Walk in the fruits of MY spirit.”

I was moved to tears as the freedom of walking in Christ literally liberated me from the emotions that were festering in my soul. As I’m typing this I still feel Him gently nudging at my heart, reminding me that He alone is my comfort.

I took for granted the true, life-altering power of prayer. The answer for EVERYTHING we need in this crazy life is in His Word and in His presence. My message for the hearts of those hurting and confused is this:

Your help comes from the Lord. These are tough times. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to protest. It’s okay to express your emotions and sadness. It’s biblical to mourn with those that mourn. DO NOT dwell there. Tap into the power that God has given us through His Holy Spirit. Racism is a spiritual battle at the core. We have much to do in the natural, but the real authority is equipped when we kneel before the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

I can’t even really articulate the depth of my feelings right now, but I know I feel the peace of God quickening my entire body. And it’s not exclusive, YOU can have that too. You need it!

It's a new month. A new day. A new beginning. Kneel before the Father and let Him shift your perspective. Our lives actually depend on it.

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